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How Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Smile

Find out why root canal treatment is performed and what it can do for a damaged or infected tooth. 

Tooth decay is one of the biggest threats to your oral health. After all, if a cavity isn’t detected early on, it will continue to spread deeper into the tooth until it affects the dental pulp and pulp chamber (the innermost structure of the tooth). When this happens our Denver, CO, dentists, Dr. Steven Wilk and Dr. Jeffrey Revoir, may recommend root canal treatment to clear up the issue.

What is involved in root canal treatment? 

During this endodontic procedure, we will administer local anesthesia around the tooth to numb the nerves around the tooth so that you don’t feel any pain. Since many people who need a root canal are already dealing with painful toothaches, local anesthesia can be a welcomed relief.

Once the area around the tooth is fully numb, our dentist will go inside the tooth to carefully remove the infected or inflamed dental pulp. After the pulp is extracted, we will clean the inside of the tooth with an antibacterial solution. This will prevent another infection from developing within the structure. The roots of the tooth will also be sealed.

Next, a special rubbery material is placed inside the tooth where the pulp used to be. This will help support the tooth’s structure. Lastly, a dental crown will need to be placed over the tooth to support and protect it from further damage. A crown is designed to preserve the natural tooth structure and to strengthen the tooth after infection, trauma, or decay.

How does a root canal save a tooth? 

Getting a root canal from our Denver office when you need one can actually prevent the infection or decay from moving deeper within the tooth, a development that can eventually leave the tooth unviable. At this point, the only option would be to extract the tooth, which is a long, expensive, and complicated process. Whenever possible, the goal is always to preserve your natural teeth, and a root canal can do exactly that.

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