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August 22, 2017
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What's your best option for a great looking smile? Try aesthetic services from your cosmetic dentists in Denver, CO, Dr. Steven Wilk and cosmetic dentistryDr. Jeffrey Revoir. Whether you have enamel defects such as stains or chips or your teeth are oddly shaped and spaced, the team at Artistic & Family Dental will enhance your appearance and your self-confidence, too. Start your new look with a friendly consultation with your cosmetic dentist at his modern Denver office.

Your smile analysis

When you consult with Dr. Wilk or Dr. Revoir, your questions will be answered and your goals, carefully assessed. The dentist will examine your gums and teeth, and he'll and take X-rays, photos and other kinds of modern imaging as he feels are pertinent. Then, you'll look at what treatments can accomplish the changes you desire.

And don't worry. Your dentist has your interests at heart. That means your cosmetic treatments will dovetail with the preventive and restorative aspects of your long-term treatment plan.

Offered cosmetic treatments

Many people want their enamel color to improve, states the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. After all, smiles do become dark, dull and dingy over time, especially if the person smokes, drinks dark beverages or eats foods that stain (curry or soy sauce as examples). If this applies to you, your cosmetic dentist in Denver may offer professional teeth whitening. It's safe, fast and economical. Applied at home using perfectly fitted trays, hydrogen peroxide gel lifts discolorations out of tooth enamel. What's left is a dramatically brighter smile that will stay like that indefinitely.

Other options for improving defects such as chips, cracks and small gaps include composite resin bonding. This quick procedure repairs and reshapes flaws with a tooth-colored mixture of glass particles and acrylic. Dr. Wilk or Dr. Revoir uses a special hardening light to make the enhancement permanent and then polishes the material to a natural-looking shine.

Bonding may be combined with porcelain veneers on selected healthy teeth. Veneers cover larger defects with tooth-shaped shells custom-made from fine porcelain. After some minimal enamel resurfacing, veneers are bonded in place with a color-enhanced and permanent adhesive. The results last for years with good oral hygiene practices at home and semi-annual care at Artistic & Family Dental.

Finally, tooth-colored fillings and all-porcelain dental crowns combine the finest in cosmetic and restorative dental techniques. Your dentist crafts the fillings from composite resin and bonds them directly to healthy tooth structure, eliminating the need for unsightly metal fillings. Tooth-colored ceramic crowns protect, support and beautify teeth which have lost much of their structure to decay, root canal therapy or injury.

Look your best, and feel great in Denver, CO

It's amazing how cosmetic enhancement can improve your smile and your personal outlook. Find out more by contacting Artistic & Family Dental for a smile analysis. Let Dr. Wilk or Dr. Revoir guide you through your options to arrive at your best look. Call (303) 758-2980 today.


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