Regular tooth cleaning and xrays provide preventative maintenance and tooth care for good dental health.

Time Frame

One visit every six months is generally recommended for oral care and cosmetic maintenance.

Healthy maintenance of your teeth and gum tissue ensures longevity to any cosmetic enhancement.

Maintenance/Oral Care FAQs

Why do I need to have my teeth cleaned and how often?

There is more happening than just “cleaning your teeth” at an advanced dental office. The primary aspect of the visit is to remove tarter and calculus (hardened prolonged buildup) from around the teeth and under the gum where floss and a tooth brush do not reach. The hygienist will measure the depth of the “pocket,” or space, between the tooth and gum. These measurements should be taken at least once a year. Up to three millimeters is considered healthy, as this is the barrier between the exposed part of your tooth and the inner workings of your body. Three millimeters is also the maximum depth that floss will reach. When people don’t floss as often as necessary, dental cleaning visits are even more important. A visit every six months is recommended for people in good oral health who floss and take good care of their teeth and gums. For some people, more frequent visits may be necessary as recommended by the hygienist.

What is the cosmetic maintenance required for my Veneers?

You should be able to stay on regular dental cleaning visits. Cosmetic restorations do not stain and they are unlikely to have any buildup over time. But the natural tooth adjacent to the restoration and the area under the gum needs the regular attention of a skilled hygienist. With good personal and professional care, cosmetic restorations can last a lifetime.

Why choose Artistic & Family Dental for cosmetic maintenance?

Once a guest in our practice receives the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, they may return for follow-up care because of our attention to detail and our expertise with leading-edge materials and cosmetic dental techniques.

Are X-Rays really necessary?

X rays are necessary to detect decay between teeth and areas not visible to the naked eye. Since gum and bone problems happen slowly over time, they are often not felt or detected from the surface. X rays are also necessary for detecting bone loss and infections at root surfaces. Many people are understandably concerned about excessive radiation.

Do cavity fillings need to be obvious?

New advances in tooth-colored porcelain and composite materials not only allow fillings to go unnoticed, but in many cases are stronger and more wear-resistant than amalgam (silver fillings).

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